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The ABC Elevator Contractors Council is a group of ABC members that banded together to advance world-class safety, training, and business development programs for the growing merit shop elevator sector of the construction industry.

Protecting the Free Marketplace: In recent years, a number of states have considered new or expanded licensing requirements for contractors and mechanics performing construction services on elevators, escalators and other conveyance equipment. In several places these proposals were introduced at the request of organized labor and are intended to needlessly limit the ability of experienced contractors to obtain licenses for their employees.

Joining the ABC Elevator Contractors Council will give your company a voice to help shape proposed regulations that better serve the riding public and allow your firm to compete on a level playing field. 

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ABC Elevator Contractors Council (ECC) – Elevator Contractor and Mechanic Licensing Issue Brief

In recent years, a number of states have considered new or expanded licensing requirements for contractors and mechanics performing construction services on elevators, escalators and other conveyance equipment. Many of these proposals have even impacted smaller conveyances, such as dumbwaiters and wheelchair lifts.

Common-sense contractor and/or mechanic licensing requirements can help ensure the safety of the riding public and have broad support from industry stakeholders; however, many of the bills and proposed regulations contain unnecessary provisions that affect merit shop elevator contractors. In several places, these poorly drafted proposals were introduced at the request of organized labor and are intended to limit the ability of good contractors to obtain licenses for their employees.

One step that can be taken to correct this imbalance is for all states that require education as a basis for elevator contractor and mechanic licensing to recognize similar tests as equivalent to the National Elevator Industry Education Program (NEIEP). All states must ensure their statutes and regulations recognize that successful completion of the National Association of Elevator Contractors’ Certified Elevator Technician (CET) program satisfies education requirements for licensure. The CET program is federally recognized and the CET Certification Exam is accredited by the American National Standards Institute.

In addition, states must offer reciprocity to elevator contractors and mechanics that hold licenses in other states with relatively equivalent licensing requirements. States that limit the ability of contractors to perform construction work in their state by denying licensure reciprocity stifle the ability of these firms to grow and create jobs. Qualified contractors and their hard-working employees should not be denied the ability to compete for opportunities to work on construction projects.

Contractors also should not be required to alter their hiring practices in order to take advantage of methods for obtaining licensure on an expedited basis in states that allow temporary or emergency licenses to be issued. States should take steps to ensure contractors are not required to hire workers from union hiring halls in order to obtain a license on an expedited basis, and that they are allowed to hire any qualified worker who creates value for their customers.

In addition, states should recognize the high-quality training members of the military receive while serving and provide these individuals with a competency-based, expedited pathway to licensure.

Finally, state licensing statutes and regulations must recognize the differences in training requirements between commercial and accessibility elevator construction, installation and maintenance.

The ABC ECC is tracking state licensing requirements for elevator contractors and mechanics. An interactive map outlining the requirements in each state will be available soon.

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