Strategic Partner Program
The ABC Strategic Partner Program offers select companies the unique opportunity to forge special relationships with ABC members.  Funds generated from this program support ABC activities thus supporting ABC to help its members develop people, win work and deliver that work safely, ethically and profitably.  By becoming a Strategic Partner, companies can shape their customers’ attitude toward their organization, create a dialogue with members, and introduce themselves through a trusted source – ABC. 

Providing year-long access and unique connection to ABC members.

Strategic Partner Program Opportunities
  • Develop strategic business opportunities and possibly increase market share
  • Reach 22,000 chapter members from industry-related firms through ABC National’s exclusive marketing resources
  • Command the attention of ABC members who are construction industry leaders
  • Increase strategic knowledge about the construction industry and target sectors
  • Gain top-level visibility and promotional opportunities at targeted ABC high profile events
  • Brand company as one of the leaders in the industry
Current Strategic Partners


For more information on strategic partnership opportunities, please contact:

Jessica Karazsia
Senior Director of Marketing and Sponsorships
(202) 595-1766